Monday, December 22, 2008

Can we have some more of south Ms. Kapoor

I must confess I am a soap lover ( no not the lux and Cinthol variety ),rather the Ekta kapoor variety. I love my daily dose of soap operas, for countless reasons, to enumerate a few it would be because -:

1) I would like to be stinking rich like a Mr. Bajaj ( Chief protagonist of one Balaji serial),Have a fleet of cars standing at my doorstep instead of 1 measly car and that too from a Maruti true value.

2) I would like to dress in heavy jewellery and silk saris and look dazzlingly beautiful as soon as I get up in the morning , rather than looking like somebody who has not slept for ages.

3) I simply love the concept of reincarnation,and perpetual plotting and intrigue. just imagine how much variety it would throw in my otherwise mundane existence where currently the most exciting event seems to be finding a sabji wallah who sells onions for rs. 10 a kilo , where the rest of his ilk is selling it at rs. 20.

4) I would give anything to become a beggar one day and become super rich the very next day with same easy know it all comfort with which our goverment seem to be handling terror and Pakistan(Now that s' another topic , let me come back to the current topic lest I digress)

So much for my love for Ekta kapoor and other like her. However like every true lover I also have my share of grouses. The primary one being why is it that she considers only two states worth highlighting in all her serials. Why is our sopa opera queen so obsessed with Ba,Maa sas,parjais , bijjis ,and puttarrs that she ignores the rest of out country. Why do we always have to have a Pammi or a Kuldeep, when there are Vidyas and Balans also present in our country.

You guessed it right , I am talking about the eternal obsession that our soapdom seems to be having with North India and north indians(especially the NCR belt), much to the charging of truly patriotic dravidians like me ( I use the word patriotic because it seems to be the flavour of the current season post 26/11).
O.K let me guess Ms. Kapoor , why are u so hell bent in ignoring us simpletons from the south of vindhyas?

1) Perhaps because we are dark skinned , hence don't fit into the description of gori ,sundar, chank ka tukda like a parvati tulsi or Prerna

2) The southindians are by far the simplest of all communities in India with very keyed down celebrations , hence don't fit in with the kind of lavish celebration that the super rich like Bajajs , and Viranis or the walias seem to have all the time.

3) According to popular perception most south indians speak with a funny accent read Lola Kutty of channel V fame ,and the men are perpetually clad in lungis selling green coconuts like a Mithunda in Agneepath.

Hence u might have concluded they don't make good soap opera characters and are not even worthy of even one measly role in the ever lasting operas of yours.

Well Ms. Kapoor I take utmost pleasure in inviting you have a dekkho in any of the southern cities like Bangalore , Hyderabad, or Chennai. You would be happy to note that indeed we southindians have advanced much from our Agneepath days , though most southindians charecterized in our films and serials still seem to be caught in the same mould. We have more fashionable names, a lot better dressing sense than the sequin studded monstrosities often worn by ur opera heroines, ever heard of Kanjeevarams or the ghadwals,a cuisine that has far more variety than aloo paratha and Gajar ka halwa, a testimony to that being the craze for southindian food across the country and some of the country s' top models like Sushma and Meghna reddy, fashion designers like Prasad Bidappa, and heroines like Deepika Padukone, Trisha also hail from the same despised black land.( Hey does my description of south india smell suspiciously simliar to Akshay Kumar s' description of India in Namaste London. Readers my apologies!)

Hence it is my humble request to you and zillions of our directors to start making films and serial which represents a pan indian representation of characters, rather than just the Aggarwall and the Virani family.

After all Ms. Kapoor take heart from the fact that ur father and once upon a time star Jeetendra was famous for his chemistry with all southern heroines like Sridevi and Vaijyanthimala.Even in his new avtaar as a reality show judge he is accompanied by southern actress Hema malini.

Hence keeping with your Khandaani parampara , and being a good beti something that you constantly preach through ur serials, u should definitely consider making a serial decdicated to us dravidians.

I and millions of other strive for that day , when there will be a amma instead of a maa sa and a Ugadi or Vishu ( south indian new years )will be celebrated instead of baishakhi on prime time serials.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Greetings from an also ran !

To be very frank , I always wanted to blog , however just couldn't understand what the title of my blog should be? I tried in vain to think of one title that would suit my blog , something impressive , intellectually simulating (after all there were so many bloggers who came up with such fantastic titles)but simply couldn't think of one . In one those rare introspective moments though it sturck me why was i so hell bent on appearing intellectually simulating or a lateral thinker. Perhaps because these were the buzzwords in today s' world or I should be at least one of these to appear cool.
Well I concluded , so I am trying to be an also ran, a person who runs in a race but misses the prize(read-loser)But hey wait a minute,what s' wrong in being an also ran? Aren't we a nation of also rans. Just look around and there are so many of us. Television seems to be the greatest confluence of also rans. Every channels seems to be a part of the same race, nobody knows who the winner is , or rather cares but you need to be in the race for sure , and how do you qualify for the race, put in a few heavy drama low content serials, a star and item song studded award ceremony , and the baap of all entertainment a reality show where 2 judges seem to be totally clueless about what they are judging, and the other 2 seem to be screaming their lungs out . just to make everybody know they mean business(though God knows what business they are in).

Not far behind in the race are our star kids. I am yet to come across a single star whose kids have chosen any profession other than glamour or movie. Whether you have it in you or not you need to have a mega budget debut , and make sure that you tell everybody patient enough to give you a ear , that you never meant to act , but sanjay leela bhansali just spotted you and thought hey either I will make a film with him/her or I might as well stop making films.

Next in line are out politicians, Post the Bombay carnage , every politician worth his salt wants to make an anti terror squad in his constituency . I wont be surprised if very soon Amar singh gifts an anti terror squad to the Bachhann family as a gift in the numerous secretive and isolated celebration that the Bacchanns seem to be so regularly having.

Anyways I guess I have already written enough , for those of you who are patient enough to read it , please give it due consideration as a saga of an also ran first time blogger before posting your comments.