Sunday, December 21, 2008

Greetings from an also ran !

To be very frank , I always wanted to blog , however just couldn't understand what the title of my blog should be? I tried in vain to think of one title that would suit my blog , something impressive , intellectually simulating (after all there were so many bloggers who came up with such fantastic titles)but simply couldn't think of one . In one those rare introspective moments though it sturck me why was i so hell bent on appearing intellectually simulating or a lateral thinker. Perhaps because these were the buzzwords in today s' world or I should be at least one of these to appear cool.
Well I concluded , so I am trying to be an also ran, a person who runs in a race but misses the prize(read-loser)But hey wait a minute,what s' wrong in being an also ran? Aren't we a nation of also rans. Just look around and there are so many of us. Television seems to be the greatest confluence of also rans. Every channels seems to be a part of the same race, nobody knows who the winner is , or rather cares but you need to be in the race for sure , and how do you qualify for the race, put in a few heavy drama low content serials, a star and item song studded award ceremony , and the baap of all entertainment a reality show where 2 judges seem to be totally clueless about what they are judging, and the other 2 seem to be screaming their lungs out . just to make everybody know they mean business(though God knows what business they are in).

Not far behind in the race are our star kids. I am yet to come across a single star whose kids have chosen any profession other than glamour or movie. Whether you have it in you or not you need to have a mega budget debut , and make sure that you tell everybody patient enough to give you a ear , that you never meant to act , but sanjay leela bhansali just spotted you and thought hey either I will make a film with him/her or I might as well stop making films.

Next in line are out politicians, Post the Bombay carnage , every politician worth his salt wants to make an anti terror squad in his constituency . I wont be surprised if very soon Amar singh gifts an anti terror squad to the Bachhann family as a gift in the numerous secretive and isolated celebration that the Bacchanns seem to be so regularly having.

Anyways I guess I have already written enough , for those of you who are patient enough to read it , please give it due consideration as a saga of an also ran first time blogger before posting your comments.

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